3 years ago our company was founded with a prime intention: 

Slow down excessive consumption with experience.

Looking back, we realize we may have always known what we were seeking, yet we didn’t fully know how to obtain it….

So during these years, we worked intensely to create a place that would allow you to design your exterior surroundings the way you would like them to be, while purchasing consciously.

Attuale Space in City Walk, Dubai

Along the process, we came to understand that, in order to create a pleasing, harmonic, and sustainable outer Space, our inner Space requires boundless nourishment.

Inside these spaces, we intend to foster and inspire self-discovery, realization, transformation… To find expression while learning to manoeuvre awareness and intuition – which simply are your original state.

Our needs and preferences, once attended, build on our perception and as a consequence clear the haze.

The experience now becomes an enjoyable one, it becomes the destination itself.

Or in other words, the process already is the destination. Once it becomes enjoyable, it is allowing us to see totally and eventually… Slow down.

Essentially, every thing and every moment is a combination of the space you are in and the one you are within.