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Hair care. The care, but also the glamor: all the shades of styling with performing results, created with bio-compatible ingredients.
Skin care. From the first gesture of the morning to the last caress of the evening, in a sensory journey that preserves and respects the skin.
This is Philip Martin’s.

  1. Maple wash hydrating shampoo 250ml
  2. Purifying wash cleansing shampoo 250ml
  3. Calming wash soothing shampoo 250ml
  4. Scalp benefit 200ml
  5. Moringa wash anti-polllution shampoo 250ml
  6. Moringa rinse anti-pollution hair mask 200ml
  7. Fusion luxury hair mask 200ml
  8. Purifying hair and body scrub 500ml
  9. 3 ways hair spray 100ml
  10. Jojoba pure oil 100ml
  11. Scalp nutriment spray 100ml
  12. Scalp nutriment professional, 12x 7ml
  13. Shine rose hair serum and styling 50ml
  14. Sunshine spray 100ml
  15. Natural hair mousse 175ml
  16. Cloud mousse cleanser 150ml
  17. C tonic antioxidant toner 100ml
  18. C cream revitalizing moisturizer 50ml
  19. Deep sun tanning fluid serum 30ml
  20. More cellulite concentrate serum 100ml
  21. Aria cashmere body cream 200ml
  22. In oud body cream 200ml
  23. Organic lip balm 5.7ml
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