Extrait D'atelier

Extrait D'atelier

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Entirely made in Italy, Extrait d’Atelier fragrances encapsulate the story of a great artisan past and the sublime essences of savoir-faire, a precious legacy to be touched.
Through a sophisticated olfactory journey, they bear witness to the joy and ingenuity, passion and dedication of skilfull craftsmanship, evoking in their wearer the desire to feel like a Maestro too, a desire for life and the subtle art of knowing how to live it.

  1. Maitre joaillier eau de parfum 100ml
  2. Maitre chausseur eau de parfum 100ml
  3. Maitre couturier eau de parfum 100ml
  4. Maitre ceramiste eau de parfum 100ml
  5. Maitre jardinier eau de parfum 100ml
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