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Last chance for this collection.
Disco Rojo is a collection of accessories created in Colombia by Daniela López. The brand was created as a research for creative expression in which the main inspiration is the combination of geometry and its forms, nature, art and color that leads to a process of design and creation of unique pieces.

  1. White large hoop earrings White large hoop earrings
  2. Yellow Vivianne bag Yellow Vivianne bag
  3. Yellow Ellipse earrings Yellow Ellipse earrings
  4. Munari face earrings Munari face earrings
  5. Blue Vivianne bag Blue Vivianne bag
  6. Rainbow earrings Rainbow earrings
  7. Transparent Lucille earrings Transparent Lucille earrings
  8. Red Vivianne bag Red Vivianne bag
  9. Red large hoop earrings Red large hoop earrings
  10. Green Saturno bag Green Saturno bag
  11. Multi crescent earrings Multi crescent earrings
  12. Fuxia Farah bag Fuxia Farah bag
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